Why flight-free?

The climate crisis is urgent and we need to do everything possible to immediately reduce emissions. Even though flying has its advantages, we cannot keep flying like today if we want a future on this planet.

No room for flying

We need to cut our individual greenhouse gas emissions to one tonne per year. Just one holiday by air often generates more than this and leaves no room for unavoidable emissions such as food and housing. You can calculate your own emissions by using a climate footprint calculator such as mossy.earth.

Your choice matters

Giving up flying does not mean you have to stop travelling. By choosing sustainable means of transport to more nearby destinations, you can greatly reduce your emissions, but still enjoy new places and experiences. At travelandclimate.org you can compare emissions between different destinations and means of transport.

If you lead, others will follow!

Going flight-free doesn’t just reduce your own emissions, if you also talk about your decision, others will follow your example. We humans are strongly influenced by the behaviour of people around us, and change can happen quickly. The more people who recognise the urgency of the climate crisis and the need to fundamentally change our way of life, the more likely we are to make the necessary political transition happen.

Does it feel like too much of a sacrifice?

Giving up flying can feel like a daunting decision, but once committed to it, people often say they are surprised at how easy it was. Many even feel they appreciate their travelling more than before. Others miss flying but are still happy with their decision since they are focusing on the positive impact their choice is making.

Easier together

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Do you have thoughts about going flight-free? We answer the most common questions here.

By going flight-free and talking to others about it, you’ll make more people do the same. Learn more about our “Let’s talk aviation!” campaign here.

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Click here or on the image to read our illustrated brochure and see references.

Click on the image to read our illustrated brochure and see references.