Let’s talk aviation!

More and more of us are choosing to go flight-free. Not only is it an effective way to reduce our own emissions – if we also dare to talk about it with others, we help change the norms, which in turn is necessary if we are to achieve the necessary policy shift.

We Stay on the Ground runs the “Let’s Talk Aviation!” campaign, which aims to get as many people as possible to make a difference to the climate in their everyday lives by talking to people around them about aviation and the climate. Through social media and news, mainly those who are already familiar with the issue are reached, and by conversations we can together reach many more. Talking about these issues “in real life” also makes it much easier to clear up misunderstandings.

Talking about aviation and the climate is not about shaming people, but about making more people aware of the difference we can make by going flight-free. We are convinced that the vast majority of people would be prepared to fight to solve the climate crisis if they understood the seriousness and importance of their own actions.

Get started

Exchange experiences

Talking about aviation and climate can be difficult, but it’s made easier by knowing that there are many of us doing it together. Join our Facebook group “Prata flyg!” (Let’s talk aviation!”) in which we can support each other and share experiences. The group is mainly in Swedish but discussions in English are more than welcome. You can also follow Vi håller oss på jorden (We Stay on the Ground) on social media and sign up for our newsletter by sending an email to info@westayontheground.org

Learn more

In the guide We Need to Talk about Aviation you will find arguments and strategies for constructive climate conversations. Find out why we need to dare to talk about aviation and the climate, when and how we can talk about it and what we can talk about. You will also find answers to the 27 most common arguments for continuing to fly. These are also available as shareable versions with illustrations under “Q&A”.

Use our material

We have made the illustrated brochure “Join the movement!” that can ease climate conversations, and the brochure “Let’s talk aviation!” which contains our best tips for conversations about aviation and the climate. The brochures are available online and we will print it in English in case of sufficient demand. Please email info@westayontheground.org if you would like to order hard copies of the brochures. The Swedish hard copies can be ordered here.

Inspire others

We collect stories of people who are brave enough to talk about aviation and the climate. So far, we’ve only got stories in Swedish. Do you have experiences of climate conversations that you would like to share? Perhaps you have managed to influence someone, or have you been influenced by a conversation with someone else? Write a text of about 300 words and send it together with a photo of yourself to info@westayontheground.org.

Influence even more

Want to make an even bigger impact? There is plenty you can do. Write letters to newspapers, strike for the climate, demonstrate, propose a policy to reduce air travel at your workplace, contact companies and politicians or get involved in a political party. You can also get involved in an organisation, such as We Stay on the Ground. Contact us at info@westayontheground.org.