About us

We Stay on the Ground is a Swedish non-profit organisation. Our aim is to spread awareness about the climate impact of aviation and to promote a reduction in air travel. For questions regarding membership, please contact us at info@westayontheground.org.

Our manifesto

We need to halve global emissions before 2030. If we are to make the immediate and profound change that is needed, we must all pull together. Our starting point is that people care and that most people would be prepared to fight to solve the climate crisis if they understood the seriousness and importance of their own actions. Going flight-free is one of the most important things we as individuals can do for the climate. It is an effective way to reduce our emissions quickly – and an even greater impact lies in the effect this decision has on people around us. We humans are strongly influenced by each other’s behaviour. The more of us that show we are prepared to do what it takes, the more will follow. Together we can reduce emissions, change the norm and lay the foundations for a strong climate policy.

Let’s talk aviation!

More and more of us are choosing to go flight-free. Through our “Let’s talk aviation!” campaign, we want to support all those who have done so to dare to talk about flying and the climate with those around them – together we can reach many more people.

How it all started…

We Stay on the Ground was founded by neighbours Maja Rosén and Lotta Hammar in January 2018. Maja stopped flying in 2008 and had been pondering for many years why most people continue to fly on holiday despite the fact that we are in an acute climate crisis. For 2018, she decided to make a New Year’s resolution to dare to be socially awkward, and in the future ask questions about the climate when air travel came up for discussion. She soon realised that the vast majority of people had not reflected on the impact of their air travel on the climate. At the same time, the debate on air travel started in Sweden, and Maja and Lotta decided to start We Stay on the Ground and the campaign Flight Free 2019. The campaign received a lot of attention, both here in Sweden and internationally, and we have continued to urge people to go flight-free ever since.