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Maja Rosén, President
I have long thought that “someone should do something about aviation”. In 2018, I realised that this someone could be me, and started We Stay on the Ground together with Lotta Hammar. Working with this is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s made me realise that most people don’t know how acute the climate crisis is – but also that people are prepared to fight for the climate once they realise what’s at stake.

Jakob Rosén, Vice President and Treasurer
I’ve been in the background since the first Flight Free campaign, acting as a sort of all-in-all behind the scenes. I don’t fly myself, and I don’t think you should either. However, I am more than happy to watch birds fly, and my heart beats extra hard for gulls.

Jakob Rosén

Ninja Tunbjer, Secretary
I have a background as an editor, communicator and project manager with a focus on behavioural change and environmental communication, which is also what I do in the organisation. I have always felt a responsibility to contribute to a better life for all of us within the limits of the planet and have therefore long chosen to stay on the ground.

Ninja Tunbjer