Ulrich, Germany


My name is Ulrich Wolf.  I live in Saxony, Germany, with my wife, children and grandchildren.  My last flight was in 2005 with my wife.  The stress around flying was uncomfortable for us.  I had concerns about travelling to a place from which I couldn’t return home on my own.  Our alternative was travelling within Germany and to the countries surrounding Germany.  We never missed anything because we stopped flying.  Occasionally, we wondered whether it was weird that we wouldn’t fly anymore but it didn’t bother us much.  In 2020, when I heard of the Flight Free campaign my behaviour felt more purposeful so I pledged to go flight free in 2020 and now in 2021. I like doing something against climate change even if it is only a small step.  I believe that we can not stop climate change with technological inventions.  It is necessary that the people who care about saving our planet, and to whom the wellbeing of people around the world is more important than our supposedly unlimited freedom, take millions of small steps.  When I looked at the photos on the Flight Free World website I saw these people.  I had the impression that without exception they are all very friendly and open-minded people, no matter where in the world they are from.  So it was no wonder that these people volunteered to take part in this meaningful campaign.  And then I wanted that too.

Ulrich Wolf