Sunita, UK


I love to travel. I understand the joy and experiences gleaned from travelling far and wide, but knowing the devastating impact of flying on the environment is more than enough incentive for me to cut down. I couldn’t keep flying to beautiful, interesting places knowing that getting there was damaging the future of the environments I was seeing. Flying cheaply and frequently for leisure is a privilege but not one I wish to use at the cost of local people, wildlife and our vital, complex ecosystems.

In 2019, instead of taking 5 return flights for cheap city breaks (as many people do), I discovered the beauty of Pembrokeshire and Cardiff, Edinburgh, Northumberland, the Cotswolds, and Brighton. I found endless empty beaches, silent nights in remote AirBnbs and clean country air. These small trips fuelled a passion I’d not felt before to explore more of the UK, where previously I‘ve undervalued and underestimated how much each area has to offer.

The UK is much bigger than we realise, and it can be very easy to forget, but if you go looking, you too can find wild horses, vast forests, and breathtaking viewpoints offering fresh perspectives and a true sense of escapism. Adventure and beauty awaits you, and it’s just around the corner.

Wherever you call home, it’s easy to take where you live for granted, but I’d recommend everyone to explore a little closer to home, and I’m sure you’ll feel a deeper connection to your local land by going out and experiencing it. Just as I was, you might be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy it!

Sunita Soundur