Fanny, France


THE BEGINNING// I made the decision to stop taking planes in June 2019. I deeply care about the environment and the future of the planet, and staying passive is not a solution… I wanted to feel aligned with my values! I started to see life as a game: how could I lower my impact even more? How can I level up? I don’t see this decision as a constraint. For me, it’s a fun challenge that spices life up! Of course, sometimes I had to say no to some opportunities… but this decision also led to unforgettable memories! 

RECENT EXPERIENCES// During my studies, I was supposed to do an exchange in St Petersburg. In July 2020, I left Paris for Russia by train. But once I arrived in Estonia, I got blocked because of the closed borders. I thought I would wait just 2 weeks… but 6 months later, I was still blocked! So I changed my plans and took a boat to Sweden.

WHAT I’VE LEARNED// Not taking planes brought me unbelievable experiences… I would have never thought I would have lived one day in Estonia, or be able to speak Swedish, or that I would make inspiring friends who enlighten and changed my life! It brings you out of your comfort zone and offers you a new outlook on the world.

WHAT’S NEXT?// Now, I want to continue my studies in South Korea. I’ve just started my journey without planes from Stockholm. Thanks to my previous experiences, I now hope to get lost along the way or find myself blocked in a country I don’t know yet!

Fanny Billault
Art student, France